The 8-week internship

Every year in the mid of July a small group of students and their tutor arrive in Berlin from the town of Spoleto in Italy . They are coming...

Every year in the mid of July a small group of students and their tutor arrive in Berlin from the town of Spoleto in Italy . They are coming to Berlink in order to do a 8-week work placement in the professional area of gastronomy and hotel services. During this time the students have plenty of time to adjust and fit into the 3,5 million people, that live in the capital of Germany and get over the culture shock easier. For 8-weeks for sure you learn how to run for every spare minute, that the public transportation gives you, in order not to be late. You learn some German habits, like the punctuality or the answer to everything with “Danke-Bitte”, even if you are not wishing for it – like our interns from IPSSART G. De Carolis did it too.

The students were placed in the companies Hotel Eurostar Berlin, Konditorei Nicolai Hochzeitstorten Catering, Osteria Nr. 1, Exe Hotel Klee Berlin and Frau Behrens Torten and were learning new skills and competences in the area of commis of kitchen, pastry, confectionery and reception. Each time when you come to a foreign country, there is always something new to learn and they did it too – they picked up good practices from German companies and while comparing them with the Italian ones, they learned new and valuable lessons, that hopefully they can implement in their future professional field.

The students, that worked in Hotel Eurostar Berlin for example had the chance to see how each department works and the necessary skills that are needed for each job in the company. They helped at the reception desk which helped improving their language as well as their social skills. They learned also how to set a table, how to prepare drinks and how to serve with excellence. They had the opportunity to see how a hotel kitchen is organised and functioning and learn how to prepare breakfast, starter plates, cold plates and cakes. The restaurant Osteria N°1 offered the students the possibility to work in the kitchen and prepare the important components of the offered menu, like appetizers, deserts, pizza and pasta. The students learned during their internships here the needed preparation, the components of the recipes and the timing of the kitchen processes.

8-weeks seems like a long time, but when you come to Berlin in the summer time – it doesn’t seem enough for anything. That is why we are happy to see that our students enjoyed their time here with Berlink and are coming back home with fresh perspective for the future and new knowledge to implement in their daily work and maybe life as well.

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