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Hi! It’s Ismael, the trainee from Berlink. Today, I will like to share with you my experience for the last couple of months during my internship here, in Berlin/k!...

Hi! It’s Ismael, the trainee from Berlink. Today, I will like to share with you my experience for the last couple of months during my internship here, in Berlin/k!

The first problem I encountered was the language. I don’t speak German, so staying three months in Germany, without knowing the language, can be challenging. However, almost everybody here speaks English, so that wasn’t such a problem anymore. Then, I was a little bit nervous, because working at Berlink was my actual first “job”. But I had to say that the team in the office was amazing, and I had a really good time with my colleagues at Berlink.

Later on during my internship I started touring the city with the groups, that come here for an internship or a training program. This was also the first time for me when I had to take responsibility for so many people, so the first time it was horrible, but as I got used to it, I grew confidence and security, so it wasn’t that bad anymore. Working in a office can be a little bit boring sometimes, because of all the paper work, but I really appreciated that my colleagues gave me the freedom to do the things I enjoyed the most and were helping me whenever I had to face some problem. Dealing with the groups can be hard, but I was quite happy with every single one of them, because I got to know a lot of different people, that come from many countries from the EU and around.

This one time I was going to an interview with a colleague from Berlink and a student, and this student did not speak any German or English. In this case he had to speak to me in Spanish, I had to translate what he was saying into English to my colleague and afterwards she had to translate it to German, so the boss of the Host Company could understand.

Also, remember to run fast, when you are crossing the street lights! They change from green to red so fast …

I am really happy that I had the opportunity to experience the opportunities, that Erasmus+ gave me and the groups, that come to Berlink, with such beautiful people, that made me grow so much as a person… You are really the best.

See you soon!

Article written by Ismael, former trainee at Berlink

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