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Hello! So I did my internship in Berlin during February and it’s been very busy and exciting.On 18th of February I had to wake up really early because my...


So I did my internship in Berlin during February and it’s been very busy and exciting.
On 18th of February I had to wake up really early because my plane went from Tallinn and I had to take a bus from Tartu at 6 o’clock in the morning. For me it was the first time ever flying with plane, so I was very nervous and my other classmates noticed, it was so obvious. I hoped that I could sit near the window in the plane and luckily I did, because the person who had to sit next to me, wanted to sit next to her friend, so she let me sit near the window. The view was amazing, so I only looked out the window and took some pictures. Take off, landing and turning in the air felt so awful, I felt really weird and kinda sick. The weather was really nice and beautiful. When we landed, it went all well, I found my luggage and there was waiting for us one woman who transported us to the apartments where we were going to stay. Of course we went to the wrong building at first, but one of the employees from Berlink came and showed us where we were going to live for the next 5 weeks.
At 16:30 there was an organized a city tour for us. Firstly we went to the Berlink office, from there we walked to the subway so we could go and see the Brandenburger Gate. The staff from Berlink asked if we were in Berlin for the first time, everyone said yes, except me, I visited Berlin last year in December for a week with my family. When we were in front of the Brandenburger Gate, our tutor took picture of us – each group individually and then all together too. There was three other groups with us: from Poland, from Finland and then us – from Estonia. After seeing the Gate, we walked to the Reichstag Building and we made there some pictures too. Then we went to see The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. We were invited by our tutor to walk through and think what we feel. I felt that there was a bad aura, because I had a little headache, felt lost and confused, while I was strolling around there. When I talked to our tutor, then she explained to us that the creator of the monument wanted to create the feeling of being lost and confused, when you walk through it, because thats what the jews felt during the Second World War. The last stop was near the Potsdamer Platz, where we saw some part of the Berlin Wall.
On the 19th of February we had a welcome meeting at 9:30 in the office of Berlink, where we signed some papers and we got more information about Berlin and how our stay is going to be like. They said that we should be open minded, because many different nationalities live here and we shall respect them. At 15:00 we had to be back in the office, because it was time to visit our salons and have our interviews at the hairdressers salons, where we were going to carry out our internships. Everyone understood at first that me and Liisa had to go to our salon on our own, but in reality we all had to go to the same office and someone fron Berlink brought us there. Our salon was very nice, they spoke mostly in German but also in English, so that was good for our communication needs. 
On the 20th of February we had our first day in the salon, so we had to be there around 7-8 hours per day from Tuesday to Saturday and some of the others from the group had to be in their salon only 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday, as their salon was an hour away from our place. Our work day started mostly at 10 o`clock, so that we can go home afterwards at 6pm or 7pm. During the working hours the tasks in the salon were preparing beverages for the customers, cleaning and washing clients hair, doing curls and blow drying.
During my free time I was going to the store to buy some food, or I would go for a walk or just relax in the apartment. On some days I was going for shopping, but only if I was not that tired. Long day at the salon is tiring and at night afterwards I didn’t have the strength to do anything.
On the 23th of February I visited Allied Museum, where is shown the political history and the military commitments and roles of the Western Allies in Berlin between 1945 and 1994.

Article written by Daisy, student from the Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus

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