Berlins cultural highlights, brought to you by Berlink

a testimony from the participants of the PON project from the school Polo Tecnico Franchetti-Salviani


We are here to talk about our stay in Berlin with Berlink. We are a group of Italian students selected by our school Polo Tecnico Franchetti-Salviani to take part in a project, organised by PON. This project concerns an internship abroad, in our case we have had the opportunity to come to Berlin and work in companies, which have to do with our course of studies.

During these four weeks  we stayed in the capital city of Germany, we had a few meetings at Berlink and did a lot of activities, like cultural and professional visits, organised by the Berlink’s Staff.


The whole group enjoyed the biggest part of those activities, especially the ones about the Nazism in Germany and the period of the Cold War. During those times the city was separated by the Berliner Wall, which is an important topic and our generation can learn a lot from these historical times. In fact the visit we liked the most was the Bernauer strasse Wall Memorial. We received explanation from an Italian guide there, who was very kind with us. We listened to the stories about the people, who died while trying to escape from the East to the West Side of the Wall. We got so impressed, that some of us got goosebumps and we felt so powerless in front of this piece of history.

During the week, from Monday to Friday, we worked in different companies and sometimes in the evening we went out with our teachers to have a look around the city and spend some time together. During the weekends we went sightseeing (the organisers from Berlink always came with us) and afterwards we were doing some shopping, just having fun. We stayed here just one month, but we saw Berlin from all its sides and we loved it. Thats why in the future we would like to see other German cities as well, and who knows… maybe come back again to this beautiful city.

Some of our classmates shared with us their perspective on the stay here, you can read about them here:

Alessandra – 17 years old

“The visit I liked the most was the Altes Museum. The Altes Museum is an ancient art museum famous for his great collections of Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities like sculptures, mosaics, sarcophagi, vases and jewels. It’s placed in an imposing neoclassical building, overlooking the Lustgarten park in the Museuminsel,  the Berlin’s major cultural district.”.


Gregory – 17 years old

“My favourite cultural visit was at the Pergamon Museum, where we saw impressive works and buildings and traces of ancient civilizations. The museum is not so far from the Berlin Cathedral and the Altes Museum. Among the most important works of this collection, that I saw, there is certainly the Ishtar Gate, the Processional Way and the Nabuccodonosor throne hall. In this wing of the Museum I also saw the model of the Tower of Babel and a copy of the Code of Hammurabi.”.


Gregory (the other one:)  – 18 years old

“I enjoyed all the visits with Berlink, but especially the Jewish Museum (Jüdisches Museum). Monument to the social, political and cultural history of the Jews in Germany, it is also a tangible expression of the presence and role of the Jews in Germany, but beyond all this it is an invitation to a physical and spiritual reconciliation of the city of Berlin with the Holocaust. The rooms in the museum, that impressed me the most were: the garden of exile, the Holocaust tower and the memory void. I felt such strong emotions in those rooms and at certain moments I almost felt like crying.”



Article is written by Gregorio Rossi, Alessandra Valentini, Gregorio Brizzi, Alice Perugini and Allessio Sabatino, participants in a PON project from the Polo Tecnico Franchetti-Salviani school

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