Being an intern, working with interns

a testimony from Nikolay, a trainee from Bulgaria in the Berlink agency

My journey, here at Berlink, came to its end. The past three months, that I spent here, were full of exciting and unforgettable moments with really interesting new people, but also with old friends. With the team here we went through some difficult problems, but we shared as well a lot of funny moments together. I will share now with you what it is to be a trainee at Berlink, but also to have one as well.

Let me start by saying, that doing an internship at Berlink is not as easy as it sounds. One of the most important skills you need to have in this agency is to be flexible. And by flexible I mean you have to manage to be at different places throughout the day, doing interviews or picking up people from the airport, or going to professional visits and doing many other things during this whole time. Sometimes unexpected meeting or visit happens, while you are at the office, so you have to squish it into your already full schedule and make it happen.

One other thing that I have learned is that organisation is also very important and you have to stay organised as much as possible during your working hours. With all the groups that are coming every week, the pile of documents that we have to prepare and archive afterwards – is enormous. This documentation is the foundation of everything and everything is built on top of it. If things are not well organised in Berlink, chaos will come in just several hours and this will lead to bad results. Something that we managed to avoid always.

Along these two key skills I also improved my language, social and communication skills. I learned how to socialise and communicate with new people, something I was very bad at before. I have learned that the language barrier should not stop you if you want to talk to the people anyway. You should have fun and be curious about other languages and the country you are doing internship in. One important thing I found for my self is that asking questions when you don’t know something is not bad and doesn’t make you look bad. People will always answer the questions you have with a smile, if you asked them kindly with a smile. We learn new things every day, so be curious and let the curiosity guide you.


This was my first serious internship and I am glad that I was able to gain new experience as a trainee in Berlink. I was able to learn new things like preparing and working with documents, to do researches in different fields (from plumbing throughout renewable energy to mechanics), to solve problems that occur and least but not last – to see and feel what it’s like to be in a real and dynamic working environment. Besides the office work, I had the chance to visit and see a lot of new and interesting places in Berlin. Places that had nothing to do with my field of studies, which is mathematics, but I was curious about the new information that I was going to receive, even though my knowledge in those new fields is almost zero.


So, enough with the story of Being a trainee. Now let me tell you also a little bit about one of the interesting opportunities I had at Berlink. It was a challenging task for me back then, because I was still learning how all the things around the office work. But in the matter of fact, I had to work closely with interns from other projects for couple of weeks. My task was to supervise their work that my tutors or I gave to them, while they were staying with us and to provide help to them, whenever they had problems. It was a fun job for me to do, because, just like them, I was still gaining new knowledge myself, so we had to solve problems or do projects together as a team. But I must say, that the hardest part of this task for me was the communication with them. I had to be very patient with them, because the level of English between us was very different. This opportunity was really interesting for me, because I had the chance to get to know the different types of working cultures and ways of thinking. I must say, that I really enjoyed it.

I have learned a lot of new things about my self during my time as an intern at Berlink. And I am really glad I had the opportunity to do this here with this team. They taught me a lot of things and changed the way I am looking at different things and showed me that I should not be scared of them. It was one awesome summer in Berlin with Berlink for me, but like everything, it has to come to an end. I would like to thank to all of you for the opportunity you gave me to show you what I can do and I am hoping that our paths will cross again in the future …

Sincerely yours,


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