9 months experience, as an Experience Tutor

a word from our Experience Tutor

My first eight months are gone. It seems like yesterday when I arrived at the office of Berlink and my colleagues welcomed me with a big smile and with a positive spirit, two aspects that I wasn’t expecting to have daily in the company of the Berlink team.

Since the day  I started working as an Experience Tutor for Berlink, I took all my responsibilities as a challenge and as a great opportunity to grow wiser and to learn as much as possible while I am here. Day by day I realised that I was reaching more than my expectations, I became more flexible and prepared to run out different skills during my daily tasks.

Working as Experience Tutor gave me the possibility to meet more than 50 groups from all over Europe, that came to do an internship in Berlin this year. It gave me the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with them and to live in a rich multicultural environment. It hasn’t been always easy- especially in the beginning – but week by week I understood how to manage the difficult situations, that sometimes happen in the agency. After the challenges I faced each day, I have found the best way for myself to involve all the students in my activities, even though they come from different countries, cultures and have also not so similar background of interests.

Every group had an impact on me and left a mark on my path as an Experience Tutor, especially some groups who spent more than two months in Berlin. And when by the end of the stay of the students I hear them saying “thank you Marta for the time and the fun we had together”, I realised that what I was doing all along is worth it. It helps the students to pass by their comfort zone, which they had at home and start enjoying every single day in this big city!

I’m really happy to go on with my job and to work with the amazing people, that I meet daily at the Berlink office. The team here has being very helpful to me since the beginning, teaching me a lot about how to deal with new and responsible tasks and improving my knowledge about the different areas of a mobility – how to provide students with the appropriate training, work placement, accommodation and etc. in order to make their stay in Berlin pleasant.

Thank you all for this great opportunity and the support I’m receiving daily from you. I must say, that I am having such a great experience during this last nine months!


Article written by Marta Buffon, Experience Tutor at Berlink

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