Third award is a charm!

Congratulations to the international group Education and Training Network for winning its third award as the best "Work Experience Provider" for 2018

We, Berlink, as part of the international group Education and Training Network, are proud to announce that on the 1st of September this year we won the Study Travel Star Awards 2018 in the category “Work Experience Provider” for the third time in a row. The Awards are organised by the Study Travel Magazine, which is one of the most recognised magazines in the field of educational mobility and training and this is the most important award for the people like us, who work in the field of non-formal education.

Each year organisations from the whole world, that are experts in the selection and organisation of internships and work experiences abroad, are competing against each other in order to carry the prestigious title of Best “Work Experience Provider” for 2018. After the Education and Training Network was shortlisted earlier this year with four other organisations,  the international education industry gathered on Saturday night for the annual ceremony of the ST Star Awards at the prestigious Grosvenor House in London in order to celebrate excellence in service, peer-voted ST Star Awards. During the glamorous ceremony the winners of each award category are revealed and presented to the public.

photo is from the Facebook page of Education and Training Network

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Partners and everybody, who supported us during our journey, that took us to this award. Thank you all for your trust in us and for voting for the international group Education and Training Network as the best “Work Experience Provider” for 2018.  We are glad to share this joy with everybody, who was involved in our projects in the past three years without whom we would have never managed to meet our goals. We are very grateful for your votes, that brought us to this high peak and the opportunity to work together towards providing the excellence we are all wishing for.


Thank you! Danke sehr! Благодарим Ви! Grazie! Dziękuję! Gracias!

The Berlink Team


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