Going to professional visits with Berlink

a testimony from Nikolay, a trainee from Bulgaria in the Berlink agency

“Hello World” is the first thing every student learns in the world of Programming. Hi, my name is Nikolay and I am a student from the Technical University Sofia in Bulgaria. I study Applied Mathematics and Informatics and since July I am doing an Internship for three months here in Berlink. I share this new experience with a friend of mine, we study together as well, and her name is Elena.

My journey so far – or should I say – our journey so far is one of the best things that can happen to students, who come from a small East European country like Bulgaria. As soon as we got here we felt very welcomed by the Berlink team in their office. Passionate, persistent, witty are just few of the things that I can say for the girls. The most important thing I noticed is that they have fun while working and that they are actually good friends even outside of the office.

My first two weeks were very exciting and quite dynamic. The first group I encountered was a group from the city of Pleven in Bulgaria. They are teachers from the Vocational School of Transport in Pleven. The journey we had together with them had this educational spirit, but it also had this fun flavour as well. Together we visited a lot of events and received tons of new information, regarding their field of studies. For me, as someone who has no idea about vehicle of any type of transportation systems, this was a very interesting experience. The group and I learned so many new things about the Electro mobility, Autonomous driving, how bikes are build, the history of the different brands and so on.

One of our professional visits was in BMW Werk Berlin. This is the main factory where BMW builds their motorbikes. We began our visit with a short presentation regarding the history and the ideas of the Brand for the near future. After that our journey began: we saw every facility and talked to the mechanics there about the different parts of the machines, which they are making.  We observed all the tools the factory possesses – from the tiniest to the biggest ones. The tour ended with the inevitable Questions&Answers and a discussion followed around it.

Through the week we visited a lot of places associated with mechanics and education. We had the opportunity to see the Audicity in Berlin. In this type of City we experienced how the Brand deals with issues related to the environment, sustainability, innovations, alternative drives, technology and design. The group learned a lot about the autonomous driving and the technologies behind it. We even had the chance to go in all of the cars and to experience the Virtual Reality technology with some of the models. We took part in simulated games with external controllers like shifts, pedals, steering wheel, breaks. One of the most interesting things was the presentation about the Audi Brand and the technology and marketing decisions they have made so they stand out from their competitors. A lot of technical as well as historical questions regarding the foundation of the Brand and the current and future systems that they want to integrate in the cars were asked and answered.

One more place I would like to mention is the Drive Forum of Volkswagen in the heart of Berlin. Again, the group from the Vocational School of Transport in Pleven had a different view of the ways a big brand like this deals with issues relating to the environment, sustainability, innovations, alternative drives, technology and design. We saw some of the autonomous cars that VW plans to put in production in the following years. We also experienced another type of VR and we witnessed a bunch of examples of the autonomous technology.

I am really happy that I have the opportunity to do my first internship in such a friendly environment in Berlink, even though it has nothing to do with the things I am learning in university. I can’t wait to see what the team in the office got up their sleeves, but I’m pretty positive, that the rest month and half of my internship will be even more awesome.

“До нови срещи!” (translated from Bulgarian – “See You Soon!” )

Article by Nikolay Cherkezov, trainee in Berlink

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