June: the month of changes for Berlin(k)

a word from our Work Placement Officer

The city is blossoming with outdoor activities and open air festivals, setting it free from the grey, wool cover and getting ready to celebrate the summer in every possible way.

After the massive arrivals in May at Berlink, June is definitely a quieter month, when the Team can recharge, plan and get ready for the next … Hungarian, Slovakian, Italian and Bulgarian groups! You can feel the excitement in the air, together with a little part of sadness, which comes with every change in the atmosphere. Those weird feeling are due to the goodbyes, that we are saying every week after a Final Meeting with each group. “Do widzenia” to all the Polish groups, that we hosted, “adiós” to the Spanish group of MEP and “adeus” to the two guys from SICÓ FORMAÇÃO, who stayed with us for eight months and 17 official meetings at Berlink. Every standard meeting with the groups was like a family reunion! Hearing about their progress with all the languages they use during their stay in Berlin or listening to them explaining how this experience has widen their horizons and views of the world, but also has set their limit higher. It’s not only a pleasure to listen to them, but it make us also very proud of them.

At the same time, we have to give our farewell to two great girls – Sahana and Cristina. They did their internship for three Months at our office and during their stay we felt like we gained two new colleagues and team members. With their presence they brought smiles and positive energy to our office and thanks to their tireless help we made it through tough days, with laughter and fun! ESEMPIO DIVERTENTE? (translation from Italian: Funny example?) Because the only way to deal with the daily stress and coming up with new and creative solutions for our tasks, is to find the positive side of every situation.


Before the arrival of Sahana and Cristina we thought that having them here in the office is going to encourage us to give more than our best in our work. We thought we are setting a good example for them, from which they could learn, but by the end – we were the ones learning from them.

We wish you all a safe trip back home and all the best for your future!

Article written by our Work Placement Officer, Cinzia Stefanoni

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