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a testimony from Cláudio and Ricardo, students from Sicó Formação

Hello, our names are Cláudio Correia and Ricardo Rodriguez and we are Portuguese exchange students. We first got to Berlin in October 2017 thanks to the Erasmus+ foreign internship program. Our experience for the lain Berlin(k) has been unforgettable!

Berlink and the ETN Experience Tutor has made available to us various activities at different levels of immersion, like going around the city, visiting monuments, but also more social activities like karaoke, table football and bowling.

Those kind of activities allowed us to have better knowledge about the city and about the German culture. It helped us as well in the sense of interacting with different students from all over Europe and gave us a chance to exchange various impressions of the bountiful mixture of cultures that attend the same activities.

The tutor of the activities manages them in such a manner that it truly presents itself as an opportunity to learn not only about the city and culture of Berlin and Germany but about ourselves as well. This way we adapted easily and learned more about the many different cultures from the other exchange students in Berlink and being all together at the same time, while doing activities with the Experience tutor, it made our experience better and enriching.

We are enjoying our stay here a lot and our partners from Berlink have been happily reachable, very professional, top marks to the staff!

We are very happy to work with them, they are the best in the area!


Article written by Cláudio Correia and Ricardo Rodriguez from Sicó Formação, Portugal. 

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