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So we are, Berlin, the city of freedom, the capital of Germany and the multi-culti capital of Europe.

‘’Strange things’’ we saw in Berlin, particular situations, different people and cultures, dynamic and full of life city. The first aspect of Berlin that firstly caught our attention is the melting pot of ethnicities and how they live together without any problem. Every day, 190 different cultures mingle in the metro, in fast food restaurants, at work and in the streets. So for example we can see a German, who is eating a kebab or a Turk, who eats wurst. For example in Italy, some of the foreign people are perceived from the society as invaders and some people have the attitude and avoid them, while in Germany this habit has disappeared for long time now. In fact you can go to eat in a neighbourhood, where mostly foreigners live, in Berlin in total tranquility.

Berlin was born in XII century like a commercial village and became one of the most important economic centers in the world. It was the capital of Germany even during the national socialist era and that is why it was one of the main targets for the bombing during the Second World War. This is also the place, where the war ended for Europe and the rest of the world with the surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945.

When we compared the situation in Germany with the one in Italy, we found some differences. An example is the lifestyle, Italians are quiet and smooth while Germans are always in a rush, like they always run to take a metro even if another is going to come afterwards. In the evening, after 9 p.m., there is nobody outside. German people meet in bars or clubs, while the Italians for example are always out with friends in squares, in gardens, until midnight, every weekend but more in the spring and summer. Doubtless Italian food is better, pizza and pasta belong to Italy, while German imitations are not so good. But while being in Berlin we realized, that there are more street foods for example, then in Italy.

Even if we didn’t came here as tourists, we really liked the little part of Berlin that we saw during our stay. We can recommend to people to visit Berlin and get to know his modern and interesting history. We’ll never forget our experience in Berlin and we hope we’ll come back here one day.

By Tiberio D’Andrea, Gianluca Barbetta, Giovanni Maulà, Ruben Pisano and last but not least Valerio Viggiano.

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