Experiencing Berlin(k) on all levels

or what our trainee from Italy experienced in Berlin/k during her 3-months traineeship

I can hardly believe my three-month internship with Berlink is coming to an end. It seems as like it was yesterday when I first came to the office of Berlink and now I’m leaving with so much more experience than I could have asked for.

Everyone from the Berlink Team gave me a warm welcome and made me feel as I was a member of the Berlink’s team and I hope that during my time here I managed to have contributed to the work process in the best and most professional way. I worked across every aspect and sector of the Agency. I started the very first week with the preparation of the documents for the incoming groups: Welcome kits, Skill Portfolios, Info Vouchers and Handbooks. I easily understood what the meaning of those tasks were about.

After a week, on the 12th March, I built up my courage and offered myself to do the welcoming city tour for the students: I had already done a city tour in my city,  but running those tours after a very short time in a big Metropolis like Berlin, was a great challenge for me, because during such movement you need to be responsible for every single person in the group.

I got acquainted with Berlin very quickly because one of my tasks was also to take the students, which are coming from all over Europe, to the interviews in the companies, where they were going to have their work placements. This way I got to know many job sectors in the city and also many people, who tutor and mentor our trainees! I was also taking the students to the cultural visits, that were planned for them in order to discover Berlin and the German culture and history.

During the next days I got familiar with the tasks concerning the accommodation of the students, because I supported the Operations Manager throughout the research of accommodation possibilities for the students. I was calling hotels in order to find a place, which can offer all the services our students need in order to feel comfortable during their stay in Berlin! After a while I realised, that finding accommodation in Berlin is difficult, but not impossible. But you definitely need to be patient, determined and also have some time to spare just for this task.

“Hallo hier ist Sahana von der Firma Berlink!” – that was the phrase I used mostly during my last two months in Berlink. Step by step I started helping out the Work Placement Officer to find a matching “Arbeitspraktika” for the students and this way I became more confident about myself while implementing the tasks.

I realised I could really make a difference for this wonderful team in Berlink. Thanks to my language skills I could take part in every single moment without feeling isolated or uncomfortable, because of a language barrier.

As a student in international relations , I´m really happy and satisfied with my experience in Berlink, because here I managed to practise almost all the foreign languages I speak, because German, English, Spanish and Italian were the most spoken language in the office! I suddenly liked the challenge of jumping from one language to another

I really hope to have brought something good, to have been useful for the team and I hope that I left them with a good impression. I feel really lucky and I can never express enough my gratitude to all the people in the office, who helped me out in this great new experience.

I would like to stay longer here in Berlin and I really hope to come back soon and visit the Berlink team!

I’ll be returning to Italy with a new way of thinking, different points of view over my work flow and with higher expectations for my future, thanks to Berlin(k)!

Article by Sahana Fabian, trainee in Berlink.

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