What should we celebrate today?

or what is Europe Day

Every country has its own traditional holidays and days to celebrate different events from the flow of their historical backgrounds. For example Greece celebrates the “OXI day”, when during the Second World War the Greek government said “No” (OXI in Greek language) to the cooperation with Benito Mussolini and his wish for free passage to enter and occupy strategic sites in Greece. Or Bulgaria, which celebrates with other Slavic countries the “Day of Cyrillic (Bulgarian) Alphabet”. Or Poland, which celebrates the “Constitution Day”, that was named “the first constitution of its kind in Europe” by the historian Norman Davies. It was proposed on 3rd of May 1791, which makes it the second oldest written constitution in the world (after the American one, which was proposed on June 21, 1788).

But by the end of the day – all of us unite not around our national identity, but mostly towards our International identity. The 9th of May is the day, when all the citizen of the European Union unite and celebrate the four freedoms: of movement for goods, services, capital and people. This day it’s not just about celebrating the definition of ourselves as “EU Citizens”, but also to remember the historical path that brought us to 2018.

Today we, the Berlink agency, celebrate mostly the Erasmus+ Programme, which is a European funding programme established in 1987. Every week, with the financial support of the programme, students from different professional and ethnic background arrive in Berlin in order to do their internships abroad for a different period of time. That is why each day in Berlink it’s like a celebration of Europe Day, because throughout one week you can hear all kind of different languages and personal stories in the office of the agency.

Being European and celebrating your identity it’s not about pursuing yourself as an individual from a single country, but acknowledging the diversity we are all surrounded by and taking part in it.

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