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interview with one of our Alumnis, Jakub Kowalik from Tarnow

Jakub Kowalik is 19 years old and comes from the Polish town of Tarnow. His studies are in the area of “Locksmith” and during the month of March he finished successfully his 2-week Work Placement in the Abelzeit Company in Berlin. Throughout his internship, Jakub had the possibility to work on top of places like the municipality of Berlin, or known as the Rotes Rathaus and have a glance throughout the whole city.  The staff of Berlink had a short chat with him about his experience with us during those two weeks and here is what he said:

Hello  Kuba! How are you? I really enjoyed talking to you during our visit in the Technical Museum in Berlin, so I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. How was your experience during this two weeks in Abelzeit?

I really liked working with the company, that I was placed in. During my traineeship in Abelzeit, I worked in the area of renovating and repairing old mechanical clocks in old buildings in Berlin.









What did you learn throughout your experience in the company?

I learned to work with metal cutter for example. I was helping out the workers to fix the clocks, that weren’t working properly, but we were also doing some renovation work on them. We would extract the clock from the buildings and then bring it back to the company, fix it and assemble it back to its original place.

Where did your experience take you?

We went to three of the municipalities in Berlin – the main one near Alexanderplatz, Schöneberg and Neukölln, but I also visited one school, that had an old clock on top of it. I really liked working in this field, because I could see all the buildings, like the municipalities of the districts for example, from the inside and have a glance all around the city from the top.



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