Playing at the Computer Games Museum

an interactive way to spend a cold afternoon in Berlin

If you take a walk down the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin, you will find yourself traveling through time, as the boulevard is so well preserved, that it still looks like it’s the 1960s. Somewhere in the middle of this historical place, is the oldest museum for computer games in Europe – the Computerspielemuseum. The exhibition here offers to the visitors the possibility to learn the history of video games and at the same time to play with them. The collection includes some historical pieces, such as the PainStation, where as the name already says, the loser receives an electrical shock. Due to the cold weather in Berlin and the low temperatures, our project participants from Poland and Portugal choose to spent few hours during the weekend there, having fun and challenging each other with games from the last century. Tetris, Tamagochi, Packman – those are just some of the world famous video games that you can find in the Computer Games Museum of Berlin and challenge yourself and your friends. 


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