Five things BerlinKers do in winter

or what the cold weather in Berlin can offers us

Many student groups come to Berlink during the winter time and some of them have this fear, that the winter time will ruin their experience in Berlin, but actually there is no reason for that. The German capital is as beautiful in the months between December and March, as it is in every other warmer season in the country, just because it has a lot to offer to the people who are visiting.

What we, the Berliners, like to do with our guests during the winter time is actually an alternative to the touristic areas and side of Berlin. Sometimes in the cold evenings people prefer to stay at home and watch a movie, but why not to go out and do something different, like going to the beautiful winter wonderland of the Botanic garden of Berlin. Every year the 1.5 km route through the green paradise lights up around November – December and invites the visitors to walk through and past several light displays, illuminations, and 3D figures.

Other times you can just stroll down to Warschauerstrasse and pick up one of the many many nice locations to have a brunch in a cosy atmosphere. Normally during the weekends you can find in this area some restaurants or coffee places a brunch buffet, that will cost approximately 11 Euros per Person.

Another way to escape the low temperatures and warm yourself up, is to go to the Tajik tea house in Berlin, where you can have a traditional Russian tea ceremony and also different kind of sweet and salty threats from the region.

Wanting to relax and let go of the stress is always a normal thing to do during winter time, so that is why you can join Free Yoga class at New Deli Yoga Cafe. Afterwards you can stay for a coffee and chill out with a nice book in the friendly atmosphere of the place.

If you wish to shop like a classic Berlin hipster, the Indoor flea market in Treptow is one of the places to do that and escape the rainy or snowy weather. You can find here a lot of antiques, but also some stuff to make photos of or learn some history through them.

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