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a word from our Work Placement Officer

Everybody remembers their first job interview … the stress, the fear of the unknown and especially – the panic from the foreign language, that you are supposed to use during your working hours. One of our tasks in the Berlink office is to accompany our students to their work placements for their first professional meeting with their mentor in the host company. We leave the office, normally at the very last second, as not every student is used to the German punctuality, and reach our destination by the public transport in Berlin. After living for some time in the big city, you get so used to the many lines and colors of the U-Banh (subway) and the S-Bahn (rapid transit railway system) that you don’t consider it as something special anymore. But for our students it seems like a whole new school subject, that they need to catch faster on.

When we are on the way, it is always incredible to admire how big the eyes of the students get while easily changing platforms or choosing the directions of the S-Bahn. Their eyes get even bigger when we are not always able to locate the right bus stop and we have to check different ways, before being able to bring the trainees to their work placements!
Their amazement makes you wonder how they perceive Berlin though their eyes and which is the impression they catch from this huge and messy and lively and awesome city. Most of the times they get the same feeling you got, when you first moved to this megapolis, namely – of being lost and excited at the same time!

The only advice, that the Berlink team can give you – do not stop to face the long distances in Berlin and the BVG public transportation (delays and cancellations are included for free!) with your firstly amazement. As Cesare Pavese said: “lo stupore è la molla di ogni scoperta” … we challenge you to experience yourself the meaning of this words!


Cinzia Stefanoni – Work Placement Officer at Berlink –

Work Placement
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