Work, live, party like a Berliner

a word from our Experience Tutor

Together with Berlink, the participants in the project “MOVES” from Patronato San Vincenzo experienced the real Berlin and its atmosphere. 34 multimedia students spend three full weeks in the capital city of Germany interchanging between work and fun. The group arrived in Berlin with high spirit and expectations, that is why they enjoyed every single moment in the city. After a busy day of work, the multimedia students never lost the vitality to take part in the activities, organized and planned from the ETN experience tutor. Only this way the participants discovered the culture, beauty and amusing side of Berlin. The program included Karaoke night, where the talented participants interpreted great performances in front of a surprised audience. Visiting one of the top attractions of the capital, the Jewish Museum, competing in a table football tournament, walking along the East Side Gallery – the students from Patronato San Vincenzo were always active and up for new and creative experiences!

The variety of organized activities didn’t miss to bring them as well to a traditional dinner, where they tasted the traditional German sausages with potato salad. Thanks to the interesting exhibitions of the DDR Museum and Topographie des Terrors, the students jumped back to the past and got to experience the past century.  Strolling down to Gendarmenmarkt, taking some photos with the security guards at the famous Checkpoint Charlie and a visit to the Gedächtniskirche, an architectural testimony for the brutality of the Second World War – all this completed their “To-Do” and “To-See” list for their stay in Berlin.

During the stay of the group, two of the participants turned 18 and in order to make this day unforgettable for them, we thought “What about organizing a surprise birthday party?!”.

With this experience the participants from the project “MOVES” gained new professional skills and cultural knowledge about Berlin, while they were involved in the dynamic rhythm of the metropolis. Living in a multicultural context, confronting themselves with creative agencies and speaking different languages with people from all over Europe, made the participants develop themselves personally and professionally in the matter of a really short period of time. They gained skills such as adjusting into working in teams, developing independent creative projects and most importantly – presenting and defending their own ideas and projects in front of the public.

Our alumni can be proud of themselves and can return back home without any regrets.

We share some of the best moments they spend with us! We will miss you guys!

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