Berlinale 2018

when the whole world glances at Berlin

A day before the official start of Berlinale, most of the people in the capital of Germany are getting more and more excited about getting at least one ticket for the festival. Every year the most impossible mission during the month of February is not getting roses and chocolates for your Valentine, but getting a ticket for any movie, thats been shown at Berlinale. The rules are simple: you can buy one ticket online, but they disappear in the matter of minutes after their release, or you can wait in a line in front of particular cinemas three days before the projection of the movie. Every year over 330,000 tickets are being sold, but not everybody that waits in line or in front of the screen, manages to get one.

The public programme of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival shows about 400 international films per year, which are splitted in 10-12 categories. Some of them have already been shown in cinemas around the world, but others are making their first appearence this year on the big screens in Berlin. Tomorrow, the 15th of February,  the Film Festival will open with Wes Anderson’s animated film “Isle of Dogs”. In 2018 the “Competition” category will feature 24 films, of which 19 will compete for the Golden Bear and the Silver Bears. Each year more than 20,000 film professionals and critics as well as numerous film fans from more than 120 countries are accredited for and visit the Berlin International Film Festival.



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