Treptower Park

where nature meets history

The right atmosphere to appreciate Treptower Park is walking through it during a cold and windy winter day. As one of the biggest green areas in Berlin, the park hosts a Soviet War Memorial, which is a cemetery of 7 000 Red Army’s Soldiers, who fell in the Battle of Berlin in April–May 1945. The monument was build after the Second World War in order to commemorate the Soviet victims of the conflict. Before reaching the monument, a three-metre-high sculpture of Mother Russia, who is grieving for her fallen sons in the battle with Germany, greets the visitors of the park. After walking pass through her, a view of 12-meter high Soviet soldier, holding a baby and stepping over a swastika, appears in front of the visitor. A central line with 16 stone sarcophagi, each one representing one Soviet state, are leading towards the mausoleum, which is being guarded by the massive statue. On each sarchophagi are carved military scenes and quotations from Joseph Stalin – at the one side in Russian and on the other side – in German.

As our participants from Poland and Portugal were walking towards the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, they got the feeling of stepping into another time in history, when they weren’t even born yet. Getting the feeling of what it used to be during the Cold War, our project participants explored the history of the last century not through school books, but through real-life-experience.

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