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a word from our Work Placement Officer

Every time, when a group goes back home, a weird silence suddenly floods into the Berlink office …

As exhausting as it is, during the time we spent together with all of our groups, there is always a cheerful atmosphere during the final meeting and every single time you can feel a light glee in the air. Saying “goodbye” to the participants in our projects is always touching, because we are aware and conscious, that behind the green door of Berlink a bright new future awaits them. There is this thrilling world, full of possibilities and chances. A world that now every participant is able to see with brand new eyes, eyes of someone who has found out that even far away from what we call “home”, you can still have the feeling of being in the right place.

Every time there is this very brief second, when we do not want to let them go … because their presence and even their rowdy clamour that we thought was annoying, makes our heart warm and reminds us what is the real meaning of our work and why by the end of the day everything we do is something worth doing.

It is a weird silence that suddenly floods into the Berlink office when a group goes back home …

Cinzia Stefanoni

– Work Placement Officer at Berlink –

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