Berlink received young mechatronic engineers and construction workers

The students from ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ TECHNICZNYCH IM. BOHATERÓW WRZEŚNIA 1939 R. W KOLBUSZOWEJ are going to do a 1-Month internship in Berlin

17 boys and 1 girl came all the way from Kolbuszowa, Poland, to Berlin, in order to gather work experience in the matter of their initial studies – Mechatronics and Constructions. The Berlink team provided the students with work placements in their partner companies CNC-Bearbeitung Schäler GmbH, Abelzeit Berlin, ELEKTROKOMPLEX, Global Reparaturservice, BECK Trockenbau GmbH and Lipczynski Bauservice. The young mechatronic engineers and construction workers are going to spent almost a month learning and working in the Berlin based companies, in order to deepen their knowledge in the field of their studies in Kolbuszowa.

Work Placement
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