Trust them, they are graphic designers

The creative minds of Patronato San Vincenzo. / Photo by Lucrezia Leidi

As the end of the week approaches, the Patronato San Vincenzo multimedia students completed successfully the first week of their creative training in Berlink. 34 Italian students spend the last five days learning in groups how to create multimedia projects for Berlino Magazine and the corporate image of Berlink.

During the workshops each student got the opportunity to “think outside the box” and work on tasks, like creating logos, flyers and banners with commercial purposes. The students created as well corporate videos for the Social Media Chanels of Berlink and while doing it, got to learn more about the specifics of filming with a DSLR Camera and editing videos in programs like Premiere Pro.

After showing great results, by working on different creative projects, the students are looking forward to the next two weeks in Berlin(k), where they are going to get to know the city better and expand their knowledge in the field of graphic design and video making.


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